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Gemma Frisius (1508 - 1555)

Field(s) of interest: scientific instruments | mathematics | astronomy
Gender: male

Born: Dokkum, 1508
Died: Leuven, 1555

Mathematican, astronomer, astrologer, physician, cartographer and instrument maker. He was born in Dokkum, Friesland of poor parents, who died when he was young. He moved to Groningen and studied mathematics and astronomy at the University of Leuven. While still a student, Frisius set up a workshop to produce globes and mathematical instruments. He made his first globe in 1527 together with Gaspar van der Heyden and Franciscus Monachus. Next to globes Frisius made astrolabes, cross staffs and astronomical rings in his workshop. His students included Gualterus Arsenius (who succeeded him after his death and who was also possibly his nephew), Gerardus Mercator, Johannes Stadius, John Dee, Andreas Vesalius and Rembert Dodoens.

Collection: Museum Boerhaave Leiden; Fries Museum Leeuwarden.

Mathematican, astronomer, astrologer, physician, cartographer and instrument maker: 1531 - 1555 (Leuven)

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