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Pieter Goos (1615 - 1675)

Field(s) of interest: Navigating instruments | cartography
Gender: male


Pieter Goos was a cartographer, engraver, cross-staff maker and publisher in Amsterdam. He compiled and published charts, sea atlases, navigation manuals, and made cross-staffs; he worked as an engraver for Petrus Kaerius, C.J. Visscher, John Speed, Henricus Hondius, and Johannes Janssonius. In 1659 Goos advertised his improved cross-staffs that were divided in degrees and minutes. After his death his business went to Jacobus Robyn.

Collection: No examples of his cross-staffs are on record.

publisher, engraver and cartographer : ~1640 - 1675 (Amsterdam)

Mörzer Bruyns, W.F.J. The cross-staff: history and development of a navigational instrument (Amsterdam/Zutphen 1994).