Call for Papers Reminder: History of Science Society Annual Meeting (Toronto, 9-12 November 2017; Deadline 3 April 2017)

24 maart 2017

The History of Science Society (HSS) will hold its 2017 conference in the Sheraton City Centre in downtown Toronto. The HSS encourages submissions on all topics. Proposals (250-word maximum for abstracts) must be submitted via the HSS submissions page or on the annual meeting proposal forms that are available from the HSS Executive Office:

Unlike many academic societies, the HSS does not require that participants be members, but all participants must register for the meeting. Please note that although HSS policy dictates that submitters deliver their papers in person, we recognize that some scholars may be unable travel to Canada due to uncertain immigration restrictions. Working in partnership with the Consortium for History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, we will designate a hi-tech room and encourage special webinar sessions for such individuals. Please indicate this preference under Special Needs.

We will give strong preference to sessions that reflect diversity, e.g. diverse institutional affiliation, a mix of men and women, and/or a balance of professional ranks. Only one proposal per person may be submitted – workshops, simply chairing a session, posters, and other non-typical proposals (e.g., interest group lectures) are excluded from this restriction (for a maximum of two presentations) but roundtables are not. If your name appears more than once, outside of these exceptions, you must choose which proposal will go forward. We especially encourage scholars to consider submitting a poster proposal along with their paper or roundtable proposal as a way to amplify their argument. Prior participation at the 2015 (San Francisco) and 2016 (Atlanta) meetings will be taken into consideration.

All roundtable, session, contributed paper, and flash talk proposals must be submitted by 3 April 2017 (midnight EDT) to the History of Science Society’s Executive Office. The deadline for posters will fall after this date. The HSS will work with organizers who wish to pre-circulate papers.

To encourage and aid the creation of panels with strong thematic coherence that draw upon historians of science across institutions and ranks, the conference organizers have created a wiki at Anyone with a panel or paper idea seeking like-minded presenters should post and consult the postings there to round out a prospective session.

Before sending a proposal to the HSS Office, please read the Committee on Meetings and Programs’ “Guidelines for Evaluating Proposals.” To defray travel costs, we will award National Science Foundation travel grants to graduate students, independent scholars, and recent PhDs (degree in the past 5 years) who are participating in the meeting. Only U.S. citizens or those studying at U.S. institutions are eligible for NSF grants; HSS will offer a limited number of travel grants for students, independent scholars, and recent PhDs who are participating but are ineligible for NSF grants. Dependent care grants (up to $200) will be offered for those who need such assistance. For information on these grants, please contact or 574.631.1194.


HSS Special Call for Roundtables

To facilitate dialogue at its annual meeting, the History of Science Society requests proposals for roundtables at its Toronto, Ontario conference, 9-12 November 2017. Unlike past years, the HSS will place restrictions on roundtable participants, i.e. a person participating in a roundtable may not appear in another session. The typical roundtable will feature 5 presenters, including a commentator, who will each speak for 10 minutes or less, leaving ample time for exchanges with the audience — the principal objective is to facilitate discussion. We have created a wiki at http://hss to encourage collaboration in developing a theme. Anyone with a panel or paper idea seeking like-minded presenters should post and consult the postings there. The deadline for submissions is 3 April 2017 (midnight EST) and proposals should be submitted through the following link: For questions, please contact or phone 574.631.1194 (9-5 EST).

HSS Special Call for Posters and Flash Talks

A poster should serve as the cornerstone for a significant point or argument that can be conveyed by the presenter in 2-3 minutes. The abstract should include a description of the poster’s visual elements and can build upon a thesis that is part of a paper or roundtable submission. All posters should be no larger than 4 feet high by 4 feet wide (~122 cm)).  Posters will be presented on Friday, November 10, 2017 from 6:45 pm to 8:00 pm with the authors present for discussion and will be part of a conference-wide reception – we hope to award prizes for the top 3 posters. Graduate students, independent scholars, and recent PhDs who participate in the poster session are eligible for consideration for travel grants. Posters are exempt from the no-duplication rule, and we encourage paper presenters to create a visual representation of their talks. More information can be found on the HSS Meeting page.

As part of a special presidential session, we invite proposals for flash talks. These will be presentations of 5 minutes or less (with 1 optional slide), followed by discussion of up to 10 minutes. Proposals require only a title and a short description (2-3 sentences) of the talk. Flash talks are subject to the no-duplication rule, though participants may give a flash talk and a poster. Only students are eligible to present a flash talk.