[Ptak Science Books] On Stability and Observation in the Earliest Microscopical Worlds

7 februari 2013

I was looking at this trade card for the optical instrumentalist John Yarwell (“Traded at Ye Archimedes & Spectacles in St. Paul’s Church Yard (1671-92), North Side of St. Paul’s (1672), St. Paul’s Churchyard (1676-96) & Archimedes in Ludgate St.(1697) & Archimedes & Crown (1698-1712), all London, England”) and was struck by something a little bit “odd”. For as many times that I have seen early images of compound microscopes I don’t think I’ve ever looked at how the instrument was attached to its stand. Now that I am seeing it, it is remarkable how efficient and careful the early users were. Basically, the microscope was attached bya hair to its stand–well, not really, but just about. (Image: Science Museum Group)

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