Publicatie: Album amicorum H.G. van de Sande Bakhuyzen (1908) online

5 januari 2012

One of the largest books in the Leiden University collections is a monumental Album Amicorum for the astronomer H.G. van de Sande Bakhuyzen (1828-1923). It was presented to him when he retired as professor of astronomy at Leiden University in 1908. The album contains hundreds of photos of scientists, observatories and telescopes from around the world. It provides a unique overview of the global astronomical community at the beginning of the twentieth century. The original album is preserved in the Library of Leiden University.

The album contains:

  • 78 pages measuring 65 x 55 cm each.
  • 582 photos.
  • Pictures of 400 different scientists, many of which are autographed.
  • 9 autographs without a photo.
  • Pictures of the staff, buildings and telescopes.
  • 100 institutions and observatories from 23 nations (1908 borders).
  • 12 photos of women.
  • 8 photos and 1 autograph without a photo of Nobel Prize winners.
  • 1 illuminated title page on parchment.
  • 1 painting of Leiden Observatory by Bakhuyzen’s brother Julius.

Browse the album by clicking here.

Illustration: Album Amicorum, title page (detail).