Clusius network online

23 februari 2012

Detail of a children's drawing in a letter of Esaias le Gillon to Clusius, 1606. UBL, Vul. 101

Clusius network in BIA

The researchers of the Clusius Project from the University of Leiden reconstructed the network of Carolus Clusius. It consists of almost 700 persons from different social and intellectual backgrounds: family and study friends, colleagues and non-academic experts, patrons and admirers, apothecaries and merchants. Many of them contributed to the ever-expanding collections and knowledge of plants in the sixteenth century, but have been forgotten because they never published their findings. We hope to facilitate more research on these unknown practitioners of science, by publishing their biographies in BIA (Biographical Apparatus), a new database of scientific practitioners in the Low Countries developed at Huygens ING (due for release in mid-2015).