Various publications

4 oktober 2010

This page contains various digitized publications and sources covering the past five centuries. It is made up of:

  • historical publications by predominantlyDutch scientists (both original publications and subsequently edited sources)
  • monographs about the history of science in the Netherlands
  • some other publications

All these publications are downloadable as PDF files.

We would like to encourage researchers to submit their own works relating to the history of science in the Netherlands. One might think of works that are no longer commercially available and whose copyright is held by the author; dissertations that won’t be worked into a commercial publication; articles whose copyright rests with the author and that are difficult to obtain in the Netherlands (e.g., Acta Archaeologica Tanzaniana). It is important, however, that it contains original research. All rights will remain with the author; the DWC only acts as a facilitator. We do ask our authors to agree to having their publication put online for at least three years. Should you only possess a paper copy of your work, we can take care of scanning and OCR. Submissions can be offered through e-mail, at

Historical publications, mainly by Dutch scientists

Monographs on the history of science in the Netherlands 

Miscellaneous publications