Dutch Humanists

18 januari 2010


Here, you may find the first results of the Biography and bibliography of Dutch humanists. The series begins in the early 15th century with Viruli and Engelbertus Schut, and ends around 1700 with Perizonius. All bibliographies will become available as PDF files. To read these files you need to possess or obtain Acrobat Adobe reader. Although originally intended as book publication, this bio-bibiography will now be finalsed as a web publication. At the moment, it is hosted at a separate site, but it will eventually become part of the DWC.

Contents of the bio-bibliographies

Each bibliography contains a biographical description (I), followed by a description of works (II), a primary bibliography (III) and a secondary bibliography (IV). If possible, we refer to A. Gerlo and H.D.L. Vervliet, Bibliographie de l’humanisme des Anciens Pays-Bas (Brussels, 1972) and its supplement by M. de Schepper and C.L. Heesakkers (Brussel 1988).

Citation instruction (example)

K.A.E. Enenkel, ‘Jacob Canter’ in: Jan Bloemendal en Chris Heesakkers, eds., Bio-bibliografie van Nederlandse Humanisten. Digital publication DWC/Huygens Instituut KNAW (Den Haag 2009). www.dwc.huygensinstituut.nl


Jan Bloemendal en Chris Heesakkers Huygens Instituut Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie van WetenschappenDen Haag

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