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KNAW Digital Library

Welcome to the Digital Library of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). This resource contains many of the publications that were printed by the Academy (1851/55-present) and its predecessor, the Royal Institute (Koninklijk Instituut, 1808-1851). To learn more about their history, click here. The Digital Library is a work in progress and we aim to expand the amount of material that is offered in the future.


The digital library contains the following materials:

  • Proceedings of the KNAW, 1895-1950.
  • Verhandelingen (Transactions), Sciences and Arts, 1895-2000.
  • Mededelingen (Notices), Arts, 1927-2000.

How to search

We present three ways of searching the archive.

  • Full-text-search of the Digital Library through Google: this will perform a search of all the words in the Digital Library. Considering its size, it pays to be specific; cumulative searches are possible as well, using standard or advanced Google search operators. The results may also show Google adverts.
  • Title Search: this will perform a search of article titles in the archive.
  • Find by author. This list contains all the authors of works in the archive. Scroll the list or type one or more letters from the author’s surname, and the list will jump to that point.

You will then be led to a screen listing the results of your search, including bibliographical references. You can gain more information by clicking on a publication’s title. In the publication detail page, you may also access biographical data about the author.