Call for Nominations: Ranald McDonald Award (Deadline: 11 July 2017)

7 februari 2017

The international Ranald MacDonald Award will be annually granted to a preferably ‘young’, writer and/or artist for their ‘first’ work in the public domain. The work should shed new light on the relations between Asia, Europe and/or North America. The board will assess the nominations on the basis of their ‘Beauty, Goodness and Truth’. The award amounts to 5,000 Euros and will be announced every October 11.

The deadline for proposing nominees is every July 11. Nominations can be submitted by sending an email to

Information for nominators

Nomination packages must include only original documentation prepared specifically for the Ranald MacDonald Award. The preferred language is English. The package must include a short description of the work presented, a short CV of the nominee, a short CV of the nominator and a short description of their relation. Self-nominations are not acceptable.

Nominations should be sent by email. Large files, such as video and music files, can be sent by WeTransfer, clearly stating the nomination they refer to. Preferably only letters and/or materials should be summitted that add substance to the nomination. Quality is appreciated over quantity. A well-written and documented submission increases the likelihood of a positive outcome. Submissions that do not meet the submission requirements will not be assessed.

For questions contact FOM NL at, also in case you have not received an email confirming receipt of your nomination after you have completed the submission process.

Granting the Ranald MacDonald Award is the major activity of a Cultural Public Benefit Organisation, registered in The Netherlands, by the name of ‘Friends of MacDonald • The Dutch Connection’, in brief FOM NL. All information concerning the Ranald MacDonald Award, the historical figure of Ranald MacDonald, the significance of October 11, and FOM NL can be found on the website.