LIPSS – Leuven Interdisciplinary Platform for the Study of the Sciences

4 juni 2012

The Leuven Interdisciplinary Platform for the Study of the Sciences (LIPSS) brings together scholars from KU Leuven with an interest in studying the sciences and their relations with society.

The members of LIPSS – coming from various faculties – study science in its broadest sense (resembling the meaning of the German Wissenschaft). Their studies concern biomedical as well as social sciences; humanities as well as natural sciences. Their methodological backgrounds range from philosophy to literary studies, from history to sociology. LIPSS organizes interfacultary exchange and initiates interdisciplinary initiatives for the study of the sciences in their social and cultural context.

LIPSS organizes regular meetings – twice a year, hosted by different departments – in which members present and discuss their ongoing research. Through its website, LIPSS serves as an information channel for relevant activities in the study of the sciences, in Leuven and beyond. Finally, LIPSS forms a springboard for interdisciplinary initiatives: it hopes to incite new research, lectures series, conferences and publications.

For more information visit the LIPSS website.